Spam plugin

SpamAssassin Plugin for Munin

This plugin is inspired by the pustfix_stats plugin, written by David Obando. All it does is check the mail logs and count the lines for each filter result. So make sure the plugin has access to the log files ;)

# This Plugin displays SpamassAssins filter results per day
# Inspired by postfix_stats by David Obando
# Michael Moehler ( - 14.02.2015

# set -xv

case $1 in
                cat <<'EOF'
graph_title Spamassassin Results
graph_vlabel Filtered Messages
graph_category Mail
ham.label Ham
ham.draw AREA
spammy.label Spammy
spammy.draw STACK
spam.label Spam
spam.draw STACK
virus.label Virus
virus.draw STACK
blocked.label Blocked Spam
blocked.draw STACK
        exit 0;;

TMP=`mktemp /tmp/tmp.XXXXXXXX`
cat /var/log/mail.log | grep "$(date '+%b %e')" > $TMP
cat /var/log/mail.log.1 | grep "$(date '+%b %e')" >> $TMP

cat <<EOF
ham.value `grep 'Passed CLEAN' $TMP | wc -l`
spammy.value `grep 'Passed SPAMMY' $TMP | wc -l`
spam.value `grep 'Passed SPAM' $TMP | wc -l`
virus.value `grep 'Passed INFECTED' $TMP | wc -l`
blocked.value `grep 'Blocked SPAM' $TMP | wc -l`

rm $TMP
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