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Fenrir Current Status

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As for now Fenrir still is an early development phase. There are much things which need to be done – many of them are core elements of the game. This is a post about how far I am and where I want to go.

What’s finished so far is the asset loading/disposing algorithm. This allows me to load the different assets (like textures, 3D models and language files) and toss them away if I don’t need them anymore. In addition there are loading screens/sections in which all needed assets will be loaded and prepared.

Another (nearly) finished thing is the UI. I have basic UI elements like text/image buttons, selections lists and so on. In addition there is a custom layout script featuring anchor point to which the UI elements can be aligned to. Those UI elements are used to display the main and option menu as well as the ingame HUD. The option menu features basic option like changing the language and screen resolution.

Ingame wise there is a basic scene graph, containing all the models and their positions in the world. There is already the outlines of a basic render engine (mostly for optimization purposes), which is missing the shaders so everything is mostly grey. The world already features a starting area, the ground to be digged in and two dwarfs (also known as cubes). There is a pathfinding algorithm so the dwarfs can move around and dig in the ground without getting lost. This is basically a breadth-first search or flood algorithm. This is also used for digging and finding the starting point from where to dig. There is an option to build caves, which is kinda broken at the moment due to the recent changes in the units task list. Speaking of, Units (dwarfs) have the desired attributes and a task list which they use to determine their next actions. At the moment there are the following tasks: walking and mining. If there is no task, the unit will idle and move around a bit.

Currently I’m working at the inventory for the units so they can pick up and carry around stuff they find. The next thing after the items are buildings. The units should be able to build items at certain buildings as well as breaking buildings down and place them at another location. In between I’ll fix some minor things and may implement new things in the backend as they come along.

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