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About Fenrir

Fenrir is a game developed in C#, using the MonoGame Framework.

The Fenrir wolf is a giant wolf which will bring doom to the world. So the gods decided to bring him to Asgard to tame him. Tyr is the only one to feed him and to take care of him but Fenrir can’t be tamed. So the gods decided to chain him and ask the dwarfs to craft a leash to do so.

In this game you control a group of dwarfs on their quest to find the finest ores to craft this unique leash for the Fenris wolf.

You command this group of dwarfs, tell them what to do, what to build and where to dig. Mark paths and caves and send your dwarfs to dig these. Dig deeper in the mountain to obtain rarer minerals, needed to craft the leash. But beware, there are more than just rocks down there ..

Gather more resources, build new structures like campfires, farms, beds, breweries and more to keep your dwarfs happy and digging.

Current Status
The game is currently in pre alpha and won’t be released for quite some time ;)