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This is a list of some of things I made:


Fenrir Ingame 08.03.15

Fenrir is a game I’m currently developing using C# and the MonoGame Framework. Within the game you guide a group of dwarfs to find treasures and rare materials to forge an leash to capture the Fenrir-Wolf.

Currently I’m working on an item system to equip the player and ai controlled units with things like weapons, bag packs and many other useful things. Pathfinding and digging mechanics are already in place and working. Same for the ‘behind-the-scenes’ things like asset management. Next things to come are items and buildings.

The source code is available at my GitHub:


Soundgarden UI

Soundgarden is a project which started as a practical course in university. It aims at converting movement to sound. This is achieved by using a Microsoft Kinect to gather the depth information and extract changes to detect movement. This movement information is then used as input for an audio generation engine to make it audible. This could be simple things like pitching or stereo panning depending on location of the movement. More complex things would also use direction and speed to modify different filter to shape the sound.

Auditory Pointer


Auditory Pointer is a system to guide users with the use of different sounds. This could be informing them about where specific things are located at or navigating them. My research focused on which sound types could be combined in order to achieve a more precise and faster localization of points of interest. The full thesis in german is available here: Kombination von Klangparametern für auditorische Zeiger.

EVE Salestats


EVE Salestats is a small tool to aid the players of EVE Online. It will fetch the market sales, gather and compute the needed data and display it. A live demo is available at eve.xf9.de. Leave the input fields blank to load sample data.

EVE SaleTools

EVE SaleTools

EVE SaleTools is an advanced version of EVE Salestats, currently in development. Using C# and XAML I’m building a Windows Store App which will display all items you bought and sold to give you detailed statistics on what you are trading and at which price.

The source code is available at my GitHub:
EVE SaleTools

Munin Plugins

SVN Plugin

Munin is a servertool which displays relevant data like CPU Load, Appache accesses per second and so on. It can be extended using small batch applications which gather data. I wrote two plugins: the first will display SVN Actions like commits and deletes, the second one will display statistics gathered from the local SpamAssasin instance.

Both are available at my GitHub:
Munin Plugins


Some of my code is available at my GitHub:
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If you want to contact me for whatever reason, please use my email address: m.moehler@xf9.de